Dedicated team

Get a dedicated development team of professionals working exclusively on your projects

What we do

Data Engineering

Software Development

How we engage

We have 50+ highly qualified specialists in the field of data science and software development. We select a team according to your specific request, so you get the team that will solve your problem in the best way. Check out our dedicated team setup process:

First, we specify your needs and requirements, understand business goals and define the right team composition.

  • Scoping
  • Team checking out
  • Setting up
  • Launching


Quick start

Quickly spun up and autonomously manage the dedicated team to implement and execute your project. If your company lacks experts with the required skills for the project, you shouldn’t start the recruiting process that might take a while – just hire a dedicated team. We independently set up a team based on your requirements.

Strong feedback and control

A dedicated team approach provides you with IT professionals that will fully concentrate on your needs, while you have full control over the project and a team. We give you feedback every project iteration via reports, calls, and continuous management support. You always know the results you will get at the end of every stage and the project generally.


An agile approach of the dedicated team model ensures cross-functional teams. The workload is not fixed and change requests can be made at any moment. Also, you pay only for the working hours that you define.

High efficiency of development

Dedicated software developers have a profound understanding of your expectations and clearly see the end goal, so their work is highly efficient. These specialists are dedicated only to your project, they are not distracted by anything else and give the best outcome per unit of time.

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Why us

Deep industry expertise

We are most experienced in the agritech, geo and healthcare industries. You can learn a bunch of our successful use cases in these niches.

Quick team set up

You will get a dedicated development team for your project within 2-6 weeks.

Technology expertise

We invest in the employee experience to create a people-first company that helps us retain high levels of expertise and professionalism in our team.

Strong engineering culture

We provide full-cycle development by applying our wide network of experts in technological consulting, cloud platform partnerships, and our own R&D center.

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