Keep up with the latest tech trends and let blockchain technology transform your business

We help you with

Smart-contract platform

We'll help you select and develop a smart contract blockchain platform for your particular business case.

Cryptocurrencies integration analysis

We'll provide you with opportunities to expand your business with cryptocurrencies and help integrate it with no harm to your budget.

Cryptocurrencies integration analysis

We know how to enhance logistics processes and path construction efficiency with blockchain technology.

Tech and non-tech support of existing cryptocurrencies

We will accelerate your growth by optimizing your existing design patterns and improving performance.

Ready to drive your business growth with blockchain?

We offer you

Extensible future-proof software design

Scalable and resilient architecture

Secure distributed systems based on blockchain

Crypto API integration

Crypto operations via blockchain frameworks


Our extensive tech stack includes top blockchain development technologies


  • Corda
  • Hyperledger
  • Exonum
  • Ripple XRP


  • Bitcoin Gold/Cash
  • Ethereum
  • NEM
  • DASH

Programming languages

  • Node.JS
  • Python
  • Kotlin

Programming languages

  • Java
  • Typescript
  • Go

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